Kevin M. Cain, SIOR

Kevin M Cain, SIOR | 215.651.2980 | | Bethlehem PA

Bethlehem, PA, July 31, 2021 — KW Commercial would like to congratulate Kevin M. Cain, SIOR for his commitment and excellent performance in the Bethlehem, PA commercial real estate market. With 31 years of experience under his belt, Cain is no stranger to adapting to the ever changing market of commercial real estate. 

Cain partnered with Keller Williams Commercial in 2015, with an impressive portfolio and extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and investment real estate. Excited to provide quality brokerage services as a well-versed advisor/consultant to clients, Cain was also thrilled to utilizing the cutting-eduge analytics tools, software, and other resources that Keller Williams Commercial provides. 

Cain has since perfected his personal business structure to optimize his time and success. A typical day for Cain begins with returning calls or e-mails. By midday, he is on the road for face-to-face meetings with clients, prospects, and colleagues. To close the workday, he follows up on routine e-mails. “I strive hard to make a habit of returning a call or e-mail within a 24 hour period,” Cain said. “Flexibility is also important, so when clients call, I make sure that I get out to see them.” Cain maintains the “old school” brokerage practices of getting in front of someone if possible. “Technology makes it different today but I do find that many clients still like face-to-face interaction.”

As technology has changed the way businesses operate, Cain has also noted that the office sector in the commercial real estate market may prove to be a new growth opportunity as well, though he continues to monitor this with the lasting shifts of the pandemic.  “I’ve had to evolve on a few fronts through a few different cycles of commercial real estate,” Cain said, “but I think persistence is hard to beat.” 

Emphasising added value to the client/broker relationship is also critical today. Having your client’s complete confidence in you comes from understanding a transaction and advising them accordingly and honestly. “Clients want to work with brokers that they trust and count on to shoot straight with them,” Cain said. “Likeability is an added bonus, so I strive hard to make the relationship favorable.” His extensive experience also adds credibility to his individual advice to clients. 

Keller Willaims Commercial is proud to have Cain as a long-term partner and thrilled to congratulate him again on an outstanding year so far.

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